Buttons and Controls

The Boat Race Clock Controller consists of 3-Digit Display with 2.5” High Digits, 6 Waterproof Buttons in a Waterproof Enclosure

  • Button 1 Sets Timer to 5 Minutes and Starts the Counting Down.
  • Button 2 Sets Timer to 3 Minutes and Starts the Counting Down.
  • Button 3 Sets Timer to 1 Minute and Starts the Counting Down.
  • Button 4 Takes 1 Minute Off the Time and then Continues to Count Down (Example, if the time is 3:27, the time will change to 2:27 and continue counting down.)
  • Button 5 Pauses the Timer for as Long as Button is Held. Depressed, as Soon as Button is Released the Timer will Continue Counting Down.
  • Button 6 Is for Test and Setup.


While Timer is Running, Display will Show Numbers in M:SS (Minutes and Seconds); When Timer Reaches Zero, Display will Show Zero for Approximately 5 Seconds and will then Go Blank. Display will Remain Blank Until the Next Time Timer is Started. Pressing Button 5 When Timer is at Zero and Stopped, a Test Pattern will Appear on Display. The controller shall have one connector for connecting to the main display junction box.

Starting Clock User Manual

Alzatex DSP3603 Controller from Alzatex Inc on Vimeo.