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Alzatex DSP3603 Uni-Strut Stand Assembly from Alzatex Inc on Vimeo.


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Unistrut Stand Assembly

Tools Required – 9/16 Socket Wrench, 9/16 Box Wrench.
Hardware Included– 12 pieces 3/8”x0.75” hex bolts; 8 pieces
3/8”x1” hex bolts; 4 pieces 3/8”x1.5” hex bolts; 4 pieces 3/8”x2” hex
bolts; 24 pieces 3/8” channel nuts; 32 pieces 3/8” flat washer; 2 Lbrackets; 2 Reinforced L-brackets

  • Mark the holes you're going to use on the struts 3' Foot Pieces – mark between the 7th and 8th hole from each end, the 8th hole serves as the outer hole for each bracket.
  • 5' Upright Pieces – bracket the 9th hole from one end with tape and the 3rd hole from the other end for one piece.
  • 10' Horizontal Cross Pieces – bolt holes 7th and 15 away from
    that plus the one after it and another 15 away from that, then do
    the same from the other end of the bar.
  • Attach L-brackets to the 3' foot pieces using 3/8”x1” hex bolt,
    flat washer, 3/8” channel nut (drop nut into channel and rotate
    into place) – first by hand, then using the 9/16” Socket or Box
    Wrench – Before tightening fully, insert an Upright piece
    between brackets to ensure proper spacing.
  • Attach 5' Upright Piece by sliding channel between the two L-brackets then use 3/8”x2” hex bolts and flat washers to fix in
    place – Tighten with 9/16” Socket and Box Wrenches – front of
    strut must be facing direction of the reinforced L-brackets.
  • Attach 10' Horizontal Cross Pieces – Take 3/8” channel nut and
    put it into the Upright Piece channel then slide a flat washer
    over the 3/8”x1.5” and install through the Horizontal Cross.
  • Piece into the Upright Piece; repeat process for second Horizontal Cross Piece

Display Assembly:

  • Lay display face down.
  • Take Unistrut Stand and lay it on top of display.
    Bolt Unistrut Stand to display before standing display up.

Note: Display must be fully disassembled to use the Race Clock Cover.

Unistrut Stand Take Down:

  • Lay display down.
  • Loosen and remove bolts.
  • Remove struts.

Note: Display must be fully disassembled to use the Race Clock Cover