RC Model Boat Race Starting Clock

RC model boat race starting clock

RC model boat race starting clock operation for this model is as follows. For RC Model Boat Racing a starter clock is used for each race. In this video we are starting the Boat Race Timer Operation for the DSP1003_RC in the heat number mode. As you can see we are displaying heat number 3 to begin with as an example.


On the key pad we have several buttons, let's start with Run, Pause, Preset 1, and Preset 2. Normally the presets are set to a predetermined value. In this example preset 1 is set for 2:30 mins. That is a common pre-race time frame that can be used. Once the racers are situated out on the lake you can hit the run button on the top left of the keypad and the display will start counting down. Once the timer gets to zero that means the boats need to be at the starting line and ready to start, you can pause the countdown time if need be by tapping the pause button on the keypad. If you do hit the pause button make sure to hit the run button to continue your count down.

Boat Race Timer Operation

DSP1003_RC can manually change the heat number by hitting the next button to increase the heat number or the previous button to reduce the heat number also you can reset the heat number to zero with the reset button.

You can change your preset time by hitting the preset button then use the knob to dial in the time needed, press and hold the preset button until you see the dashes on the display and your new preset has been stored. Just hit the run button on the preset that was changed to see the new preset count down.

Please note: there is an off button to turn off the display and an on button to turn it back on. Boat Race Timer Operation -- DSP1003RC

On the side of the keypad there are connections for additional features that can be added as needed.

The power connection on the back of the display can be plugged in with a standard power DC power supply however; with an adapter you can also plug the display into a car battery or a 12v power supply.

This has also been water proofed to protect against water spray (not to be used under water).