The Starting Gun Fires! The roar of the crowd is deafening. The throng of Speedboats lunge forward in unison as the spray of the water fills the air. Another speed boat race has begun using Alzatex Sport Timers.

Speedboat Racing is one of the most exciting sports events one can attend. The boats round the first check point as the sport timers click off the time it has taken to meet the crowded field of speed racers as they round the first hurtle.

Excited Fans jump up and down and cheer on their favorite pilot. Dogs are barking kids are screaming as the spray of water drenches the crowds of onlookers. The sun streaks through the clouds and make speedboat rainbows in the plume of water trails as the racers push the throttle forward toward the finish line.

Sport Timers keep accurate accounting of the race as the fans watch the clocks to determine witch boat might win. Race officials watch each digit click down towards a new world record in speedboat racing. Can it be done? Can another world record be set on this exciting race day? Engines surge onward in the wake of victory. Each driver pushing the rpms to the limit.

The Finish line is in sight but only one speedboat can win as it comes down to a photo finish. Officials run to the Sport Timers with expectations of announcing the winner. Thankfully the race was recorded with Sport Timers from Alzatex for credible undeniable results. The trophy is presented and the clocks are re-set for the next race. Count down race clocks by Alzatex has proven to be the right investment for this race.

Sport Timers from Alzatex Inc. have been providing excellent results for races of all kinds since 1993. Discover the quality and accuracy of Alzatex Sport Timers for your race today.

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